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Electroparts prides itself as a solution provider incorporating only high quality products, which are SABS and IEC accredited, such as motor control switchgear, measuring equipment and protection devices for industrial and electrical automation.

Complimenting these products are general electrical products such as cable and wiring accessories, conduit, trunking, tools and installation materials.

Electroparts is also well known for the manufacture of motor control panels, PFC panels, mimic panels and borehole pump starters. Electroparts also manufactures its own range of electronic timing and control modules, as well as PFC capacitors under the respective brand names of "Avanti" and "Electronicon".

With our diverse range of products, Electroparts reaches out to large and small commercial, industrial and construction projects throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. Benefiting from this range as well are the irrigation, fruit packing and farming industry, as well as building contractors, electricians, interior designers, architects and municipal pumping systems.

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Technical and backup service

Understanding of market needs, longstanding relationships with customers and suppliers, diversification of products have enabled Elecrtoparts to provide customers with exceptional service at competitive prices.

Our export irrigation products have become a mark of technical excellence for many foreign companies, with products such as starters and pumping schemes exported to neighbouring countries including Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Congo, Sudan, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Mauritius.

Every piece of equipment undergoes a pre-delivery check for full operational compliance before being dispatched and is backed by after-sales technical and back-up service This is made possible with the provision of an in-house service facility which is fully equipped and staffed with experienced electrical technicians. These technicians are in turn continuously updated with the latest product developments in the industry and are able to inform clients of recent updates and the best product for their applications.

Mission Statement

"The fact that we distribute electrical material throughout Southern Africa.
The fact that we have experienced sales and technical staff.
The fact that we action over 20000 delivery note items a month.
The fact that we stock a vast range of electrical components and have a comprehensive delivery service means nothing.
The fact that we can satisfy and provide you with a service wherever, whenever - and whoever you are means everything"


Power Factor

Are you paying for electricity on the KVA Demand metering system? If so, a POWER FACTOR SCHEME could save you money.Not only do we do Power Factor Surveys and manufacture Power Factor Switchboards, but we also supply Power Factor Equipment. Read More...

Electronic Devices

AVANTI, our in-house electronics division, manufacture a full range of electronic modules for the Electrical Industry.

Timing modules, Power monitors and Sensing devices use the 11 pin plug-in system. The millennium saw the development of the AQUASOFT Series 2000 Soft Starter.


NEW! Makita Products

Electroparts is now an official distributor of Makita Industrial Power Tools...Read More